Walking in the park on a sunny day
Remembering the days gone by
Thinking ‘bout all the things that I have done
And want to do before I die

I’m living on borrowed time
I’m walking on hallowed ground
Reflecting on this life of mine
Reflecting on these truths I’ve found

Be steady, Lend an ear, be ready,stay near,
Be kind, be gentle, be loving, be true
...I love you

You’re love. Yes, you are love
Your love is all we need

I’m love. Yes, I am love
My love is all you need

We’re love Yes, we are love
Our love is all we need

Getting exercise by walking in the park gives me time to reflect on what I am grateful for and what I have learned so far as we journey around the sun. I was not happy with my drum track so I hired my friend,  master drummer John McColgan to record a drum track to my tracks remotely from his studio. His playing elevated this track considerably. 

The difference between you're love and your love is deliberate. Not preaching, just suggesting that love is the answer.

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