A friend of mine told me “ All the energy you put into worrying is not going to change the outcome!” . He turned out to be absolutely right and thus started my transformation to a new life.

I wrote this song while sitting alone in the sun on a deck in Deep Cove Nova Scotia. I was in drop D tuning and just fooling around when the song appeared and wrote itself.


I used to worry all the time what will the future bring
The future arrived anyway 
Worrying didn’t change a thing
I was always in the future, I was always in the past
I was never in the here and now 
And the present quickly passed
No more worries
No more worries

Worrying changed my face. I always wore a frown
When I ploughed another furrow
It always pointed down
The thing about a wrinkle is that you can always tell
How someone lived their life
And if they lived it well 
No more worries
No more worries

I worried ‘bout so many things my thinking was deranged
‘cause what’s the point in worrying
‘bout things you cannot change
you might as well burn water,  or wash your face with bark
be breathing without oxygen
be reading in the dark
No more worries
No more worries

Nothing comes from worrying, I heard a stranger say
It robs you of your energy
To live your life today
So give me all your worries, I’ll take your heavy load
You can rise up singing
And go dancing down the road
No more worries No more worries

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