I am very happy with the way this song turned out. It is an out and out guitar fest rocker! I overdubbed several guitar solo parts and got a great help from Victor Labelle on slide guitar.

Faced with the inevitable and the futility of life Little Boy Blue rocks out and raises the middle finger!


I search for the title, I search for the deed
I know what I want, I know what I need
In the blink of an eye, With a slash from a pen
Little boy lost Is born again

           Oh....oh.... little boy lost

Bait and wait ‘neath the shade of a tree
Hook and weight, we were meant to be free
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
Little boy lost, looking for truth (proof)

            Oh....oh.... little boy lost

Ashes to ashes the world still turns
Dust to dust, food for worms
Makes me want to holler, makes me want to shout
What am I here for? What’s it all about?

            Oh....oh.... little boy lost

Live for today, just another cliché
It’s still the truth, I’ll use it anyway
It’s all been done (we’re) variations on a theme
Living every nightmare, vetting every dream

            Oh....oh.... little boy lost

Little boy lost, little boy found
Little boy tossed like waste on the ground

            Oh....oh.... little boy lost

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