Darkness and shadow can be overwhelming. A friend showed me an experiment. He asked me to cup my hands so as to have a small pocket of darkness. He then asked me how much my pocket of darkness affected the room. Then He turned out the light and struck a match…  
This song chronicles the crooked path I had to take from trying to salvage something that had changed forever to forgiveness of myself and my first wife. I had just watched The Buona Vista Social Club and my setting for this song kind of reflects that. I particularly loved "Chan Chan".

I used to see the sky 
Reflected in your eyes
The stars, the clouds, The fireworks
Revealed your soul

But now they don’t look back
Except when they attack
There’s an overwhelming lack
And a gaping hole

The days are getting shorter 
and the dark drags on forever 
and the sleepless nights 
so heartlessly provoke

now that shadow rules the day
the truth gets in the way
and the fading light’s 
obscured by smudge and smoke

If we could find a balance 
Between our torments and our talents,
Change our habits and create an equinox
We need something to remind us
Of another place to find us 
Than between the proverbial 
Hard place and the rocks

Come into the light 
Keep it in your sight
Let the stars above 
Illuminate your soul

Forget about your ghosts
‘cause life’s too short to host
resentments, hatred
will never make you whole 

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