This song came about after a conversation I had with a good friend. We were talking about her husband who is a confident and trustworthy and successful human being, and her brother-in-law who is almost the exact opposite. It turns out that most of us know of family situations that resemble this or are perhaps part of one themselves.

The sons in this song could very easily have been daughters. I was thinking of many of the people in my life experience where one sibling follows a steady path and another flounders. Nature/nurture argument doesn’t apply. I know a set of twins where one twin is a successful psychologist and her twin occupies the fringes of society and has trouble staying out of jail and/or being sober. They both had the same genes and the same parenting….the same opportunities, the same privilege.

one son flew.....  one son fell 
one son knew.....    the other …not so well

Both were loved    both were fledged
both free range birds both led to the edge

one son flew...

one flew straight away.      he returns when he can
building his own nest        was always part of the plan

One son flew...

one worries in circles.        he never really left 
afraid of the ledge              afraid of the test

One son flew...

afraid of the ledge.                but longing to be free
clinging to the branches.     of a disappearing tree

one son flew ...

in order to soar.        you need to trust your wings
It’s never really too late     to try on different things

The coddling can’t continue you’re really on your own
waiting for the words..... “This bird has flown”

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