You went on the attack
You stated it as fact
The truth it shot right back
Showing every little crack
You stood there with a grin
Spinning your spinny spin
About never letting them in
Alternative facts again
“Whatever” is never the right answer
“Whatever” doesn’t need proof
“Whatever” doesn’t need digging
“Whatever” is never the truth

Feed them all the Dogma food
The Slogans are in their beer
Homogenize the neighbourhood
And fill their heads with fear
The facts you can’t collect
With a lazy intellect
The truth you can’t Select
Cause your facts are not Correct

You jerk your knee and take offence
You want a wall, a rigid fence
Your hatred Trumps your common sense
You wallow in your ignorance

What ever happened to human kindness?
What ever happened to equality?
Following, believing caused your Blindness
It’s only shadows of shadows that you see

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