The moments between
and the things unseen .
the life unlived
when locked to the screen

isolation in density
neutral propensity
to fill all space
and avoid the intensity
Of talking to strangers

no wishes, or ideas
no solitary peace
a template for living
laid out by others
distraction without release

remote notions by strangers
Recycled ideas and
seemingly profound
Psycho babble philosophies
And jokes and memes

Creations unstarted
the Books unread
the beautiful things unsaid
Between living organisms
In public places.
The living dead

the private voices inside our heads
That lead to discovery
And art
muted by this digital dementia
This craving for entertainment
And distraction.

not to mention the postural disasters
challenges of future chiropractors
as the stooped screen tappers
can’t let anything go un glimpsed
As the scenery and the weather and
Chance encounters in the analog world
go unsiezed

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