HARMONY ARCHED GUITARS- AUDITORIUM MODEL Arched top and back, birch, with F-holes, in a pleasing brown mahogany shaded and highlighted finish. White striped edges. Ovaled hard maple fingerboard, grained to resemble rosewood. Celluloid guardplate, on bracket: adjustable bridge.

No. 1213 – $34.50!!!!

One of the tunes on my Dylan tribute album (Dealin’ From The Bottom) that I thought was completed was missing something……If Not For You is perhaps better known from George Harrison’s versions with the iconic slide guitar riff. I learned the “George” part and  laid it down at George Doxas’ studio.

This Harmony guitar was retrieved from my late friend Danny Lewis’ neighbour’s trash. He called me and asked if I wanted it. Of course I did! It was a mess. It is virtually unplayable except as a slide guitar. It is a Harmony Monterey (probably late 50’s) and was filled with dust bunnies Mouse turds and shredded newspaper inside it. It’s neck is very bowed


and it came with three rusted strings and the body had several fissures and some struts inside were loose, She was dried out and neglected like a spinster aunt in a basement for years. Soap, oil and glue and strings and some moisture and she is playable as a slide guitar. She is much more presentable now. There is a certain cachet to even the shittiest guitars from this period. She looks better than she plays….I named her after Danny….


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