Today in one of my grade one classes the subject of Passions, talents, gifts (aptitudes) came up. I said “I am lucky to love playing music and love kids and love teaching, so I am using my gifts!” Several children offered their own desires and talents. One little girl is a gymnast (can’t do a cartwheel yet…lol), another child interupted to say he was a good listener….. There were soccer stars and hockey stars and a pianist. 

I have a favourite student in this class. We aren’t supposed to have favourites, but this boy reminds me of my happy tenure doing music therapy at Giant Steps. This little boy is very articulate and very individual. The “suits” have labelled him a “high functioning Autistic”.

He reminds me of some other children I have taught who were a pleasure to interact with. “T” was very reluctant at first to even be in my class. First day he said “I don’t like you!” Because I had some boundaries. He tried some stuff on for size, not realizing that this isn’t my first rodeo. After that day, he rushes in to be beside where I sit and he participates pretty well. 

Today as we were all discussing our aptitudes and skills that we enjoy working at, I asked “T.” a direct question. I asked him “and what is your special gift?” Without batting an eyelid he said “I am good at doing nothing!” with a huge grin on his face as he lay on the floor beside where I was sitting. I cracked up and he was obviously pleased with himself for causing me such glee!

I aspire to be good at doing nothing! 

Zelf On A Shelf……Dr. Seuss

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