Today as I tuned my guitar in front of a grade two class, preparing to play them a song, I noticed some of the kids furtively holding pieces of paper. When I started to play, they held up the pieces of paper in the air. It took me a second, but I realized they were copying adult behaviour with their “I-phones”. It struck me how this could never have happened at the start of my career.

“confiscated” cell phones.

I instructed them that it was OK to film me, but they had to be very quiet as the “microphones” pick up all noise. Then I confiscated them all…..heh heh heh…never trust “The Man”….. Of course I gave them back after the photo. I wish I could show you the earnestness and accuracy that these kids showed while imitating the adults around them, but the period was ending and I was not sure if the kids had an OK for internet images.

Apples indeed do not fall far from the tree.

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