I am re-reading “Palm Sunday” and all of the other works of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in my library which I mostly read when I was in my twenties. I like re-reading things. I have recently re-read Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis, Steinbeck, etc. 

Sharon thinks it’s nuts. She reads voraciously and is single handedly keeping Chapters/Indigo in business. She seldom re visits a book. She moves forward in her knowledge.

My thinking on the matter is this: if a book made me feel a certain way once, and it was a pleasurable experience, why not read it again? It is the same book, but I am not the same “me”. I could read a new book,sure, and I do, but have I gotten everything I could have out of the books I already own?

If I go to a favourite restaurant, I order what I like. For example, at Mr. Steer it is a #2. I don’t go there any more since they ruined the decor from cowboy kitsch to generic corporate crap, but the #2 was the bomb! I like to return to things that I know I will like. Today, I had a new sandwich from Premiere Moisson. It was not one that I had had before, neither was it as good. Tried and true works.

I like to watch movies more than once as well. I must have seen The Wizard Of Oz, Blade Runner, Apocalypse Now and The Big Lebowski at least six times each. 

Sometimes watching a movie that influenced me profoundly at an earlier time can lead to disappointment on re visit. “Easy Rider” was that for me. I found it shallow and trope filled and obvious. I learned much from that re visit. 

Music is something I re listen to as well. I hear nuances with each new listen, and my tastes change over time. I love Ornette Coleman now, but didn’t have ears at first. I have softened my opinion on John Denver recently and listened pleasurably. I don’t immediately barf when I hear Abba anymore. 

Any artist would be glad to be revisited. Appreciating art takes time. There is no way I could read/watch/listen to everything new, I take time and love things I know I love. If an author/artist I love comes up with some new material, I give it a listen, likewise if I find an artist I am unfamiliar with whose music I like, I search out more of their stuff. I get much pleasure from music that has existed for a long time. I am listening to Billie Holiday and Lester Young repeatedly this week. So old, so new. So great.

We are all running out of time. Appreciation of the arts takes time. A glance at a painting is not enough, music playing in the background is not enough, being unable to recall scenes in a movie, or unable to discuss at length the nuances of a novel are indications that we may have only scratched the surface.. go deep or go home…..

I don’t have the kind of mind that gathers info and spews facts. I can’t be omnipotent, or even close to it.

I know a little about a lot,  And I know a lot about a little. 

I love being micro-rich

I like to linger. To savour, to immerse myself in what I am experiencing. I’d rather visit a few countries intimately than tour the world in a whirlwind. 

When you find love, love. 

One thought on “Micro-Rich

  1. From someone who just finished reading a book I love for the fourth time, I agree. There was still so much I learned from that fourth reading. Yes. Love big or go home.


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