It’s been a small life

Caught somewhere between
Monumental and mundane

Between the roaring,
boastful beacon bonfire

Lucky lux

And the Kind Candle. 
Feeble flame flickering 

Trying to make 
a difference to the indifferent
A dent in the surface
To give meaning to absurdity

Fighting the current,
The reasons, 
the blames,
False titles,
Wrong  names

Finally accepting 
The ebbing tide. 
Not to drive, but
To finally ride

Who will be 
my eyes?
My ears?
my heart?

Who will remember
Ten years hence?
If not gone, going

But for today…..

3 thoughts on “A Small Life

  1. Love it Ian!! Thank you I always appreciate your works. Happy, Healthy New Year to you and Sharon. 😚🤗

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