I was meditating on gratitude and the words and melody for this song came together fairly quickly except the “serenity” part which came several days later.

I was playing what I had already while waiting for a class to arrive and just improvising the “chorus” when a kindergarten kid who had run ahead of her class burst into the room. This child was the exact opposite of her name. She could have been called “Precocious”, “Energetic”, “Dynamo”, “Calamity”…. but there she was …”Serenity” and I had the song finished. The kids all loved the chorus and sang along with me ah…….Serenity. One child asked why I wrote a song about Serenity and not her. “Julie” Lol.

I love the silence
It lets the music shine through
You love my music
It's my gift from me to you
From me to you......Serenity

I love the peace of knowing
You're here with me
Being here with me
And knowing that we are free
That we're free.........Serenity

Some battles can't be fought
Some treasures can't be bought
We've already been taught
What's right and what is not.......Serenity

We know our days are numbered
There's no time to waste
We've got to cherish every moment
Savour every taste
Every taste.........Serenity

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