Some days my observations and the world news is just too much and I just have to Rock! 

I may have been channeling Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues on this one. I like the cadences and the rhythm of the words and my wah wah pedal came out of mothballs. I put this on my album "Rockhead's Paradise" which is a bar I used to hang out at while I was studying Jazz at University.

1. Maggie picked a lotus blossom out of the pond
they bulldozed the farm, now everything is gone.
It’s a brave new world

2. Peter picked a pack of pickled peppers at the store
laid 'em in the aisle and went back for more
in the brave new world

3. Looking in the future, looking in the past 
looking in the mirror, nothing’s gonna last
Into the brave new world

4. You listen to the music but you only hear the notes.
The meaning flew right past you like the Holy Ghost
But it’s a brand new world

5. Everyone’s distracted, nobody gets bored
They all play the game but no one knows the score
In this brand new world

6. Picked up a newspaper out of the blue 
I wanted to see if there was something I could do
in this brave new world

6. Another dike has breached, the water’s rushing in
The only option left is if I sink or swim
into the brave new world

7. Onomatopoeia is a word you oughta know
crash bang boom baby look out below
in this brand new world

8. Another dike is breeched and the water's rushing in
the only option left is sink or swim
to the brave new world

9. Loan shark, birch bark, better build another ark but
you embark, there’s no spark, leaves you sitting in the dark
in a brave new world

10. Big loans, cell phones, everybody’s on their own
Government is overthrown you leap into the unknown 
brave new world

11. been pissing in the snow, etching in the sand,
the writing’s on the wall, why can’t you understand  
in this brave new world

12. The climate’s changing fast, the earth has been condemned
Damn all those tornadoes ..Auntie Em … Auntie Em

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